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Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

We are part of the project "PlanQK: Platform and Ecosystem for Quantum-Enhanced Artificial Intelligence"  funded through the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the “KI Innovationswettbewerb”. The project combines artificial intelligence and quantum computing to create a platform for innovative quantum-enhanced AI applications and to make it available to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide impact on many areas of daily life and enormous influence on current and future technologies. However, classical computer technologies are about to reach the limits of computing power required for advanced AI applications. Here, quantum computing provides a solution to this challenge, as it shows an advantage over classical computing for certain problems.

However, in order to make use of either technology – AI or quantum computing – specialized expertise is required. The implementation of advanced AI applications and realization of quantum computing through each technology poses enormous challenges. The challenges become even larger if both technologies are combined together. This is particularly relevant to SMEs, which often do not have relevant expertise available within their organizations.

Quantum-enhanced AI (QAI)

This challenge of making quantum-enhanced AI (QAI) applications accessible for a wide variety of users lies at the heart of the PlanQK project. The project aims to develop an open platform and ecosystem for QAI to connect experts and developers as well as users, customers, service providers and consultants. The PlanQK platform will comprise QAI algorithms, applications and data pools. It will be the technical basis for the creation of a QAI community and facilitate the exchange of QAI knowledge and technology. In this way, the PlanQK platform will make quantum-enhanced AI available to industry and, in particular, SMEs and enable them to make use of these key technologies.


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Stefanie Barz

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Professor: Quantum Information & Technology

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