New Publication by Stefanie Barz

January 3, 2018 /

New Publication by Stefanie Barz

New Publication in Physical Review A on " Classical multiparty computation using quantum resources”


 New paper in collaboration with researchers from the University of Oxford; Université Pierre Et Marie Curie, Paris; University College London; University of Edinburgh

Link to publication:


In this work, we demonstrate a way to perform classical multiparty computing among parties with limited computational recources. Our method harnesses quantum resources to increase the computational power of the individual parties. We show how a set of clients restricted to linear classical processing are able to jointly compute a nonlinear multivariable function that lies beyond their individual capabilities. The clients are only allowed to perform classical xor gates and single-qubit gates on quantum states. We also examine the type of security that can be achieved in this limited setting. Finally we provida a proof-of-concept implementation using photonic qubits that allows four clients to compute a specific example of a multiparty function.


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