Sebastian Brauner

Research assistant


  1. R. Kruse, L. Sansoni, S. Brauner, R. Ricken, C. S. Hamilton, I. Jex, and C. Silberhorn
    Dual-path source engineering in integrated quantum optics
    Phys. Rev. A 92, 053841 (2015), arXiv:1505.01416
  • 2016 Erasmus+ scholarship of the European Union
  • 2010 Studienkompass of the Accenture-Stiftung, the Deutsche Bank Stiftung and Stiftung the Deutschen Wirtschaft
Invited talks
  1. Quantum circuits on lithiumniobate with active control, Seminar talk, Stuttgart University, Germany (07/2017)
Contributed talks
  1. Electro-optic polarization modulators for on-chip integration in LiNbO3 based advanced quantum circuits, DPG, March Meeting, Mainz, Germany (03/2017)
Master thesis

Electro-optically controlled advanced integrated quantum circuits on lithium niobate
Supervisor: Christine Silberhorn
University of Paderborn (2017) 

Bachelor thesis

Elektrooptisch schaltbare Faserschleife zur Photonenspeicherung
Supervisor: Christine Silberhorn
University of Paderborn (2017)

Paderborn University

Spring 2017, lab course supervisor: lab course experimental physics for chemists

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