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Susanne Baumann is hiring a PhD student for this new project

Atomic spins as building blocks for neural networks

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Be part of the new project neurAM (neuromorphic Atomic Materials)  - a collaboration between the young PIs Dr. H. Osterhage, Dr. S. Baumann and Dr. E. Domínguez. The goal of neurAM is to develop model systems for neuromorphic materials. Our approach is based on coupling model atomic spins to form multi-well energy landscapes, and quantifying their ensuing stochastic dynamics. We aim at creating materials that are inherently self-adaptive and show plasticity.

You will be one of three PhD students with your main supervision by Dr. Susanne Baumann and Prof. Sebastian Loth. We form the cornerstone with expertise in spin dynamics and their investigation and manipulation with the use of state-of-the-art STMs (Scanning Tunneling Microscopes). The three main parts of neurAM address the fast computation by the switching of spins (led by S. Baumann), connecting to the slower time scale of orbital memory necessary for self-adaptation in the neurological networks (led by H. Osterhage), whereby machine-learning algorithms have to be developed with and for the new model systems (led by E. Domínguez).

With one of our STMs, you will investigate the spin dynamics of networks of atoms on insulating surfaces. Through the collaboration, you will apply your research into systems of pattern recognition.

Your PhD will include a stay at the group of Dr. H. Osterhage at Radboud University in Nijmegen, to apply your learned core competencies to new systems with orbital memory. We will also organize workshops among the collaborators, as well as larger workshops for the broader community that you will participate in.

If you are interested in the project and want to learn more details, feel free to contact us!


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