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Correlated Electron Systems: Concept and Materials

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Hidenori Takagi / Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andreas W. Rost
Begin 13. April
When Thursdays, 15:45-17:15
Where 4.331 / Pfaffenwaldwring 57
Course Number 046280000
Language English

This lecture course will cover key concepts in strongly correlated electron systems: Mott Insulators, unconventional superconductivity, spin liquids, heavy fermions,...

Each of these will be ambly illustrated by example materials.

This course can be choosen as an area of specislisation in the Solid State Theory / Solid State Spectroscopy / Magnetism / Superconductivity modules.



  • Mott Insulators
  • Fermi Liquids
  • Unconventional Superconductivity
  • Heavy Fermion Compounds


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Hidenori Takagi

Prof. Dr.

Head of Institute

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