Roth Group


Computer Simulations of Condensed Matter and Physics of Quasicrystals

Our team develops methods to combine classical molecular dynamics simulations with the special requirements for the interaction of matter with intense laser pulses. We have implemented IMD, a molecular dymaics codes which can run on PCs as well as on the largest available supercomputers. The challenges are the treament of hot electrons, varying charge carrier densities, ionisation of the material and the interaction of the laser beam with the generated plasma cloud. A completely differnt topic is the physics of quasicrystals. Here we study the interaction of charged colloids in a quasiperiodic potential, generated by interfering laser beams. The fascinating problem are the structures which are generated by the competing interaction between the colloids and between colloids and the laser potential.


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Apl. Prof. Dr.

Johannes Roth


FMQ office

Pfaffenwaldring 57, 70569 Stuttgart

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