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We are looking for motivated researchers to join us!

We are actively looking for motivated students and postdocs to join our group!

We are recruiting creative and self-motivated researchers who share our enthusiasm for quantum science and technology. We welcome applicants from all relevant fields in physics and applied sciences. Background in quantum optics, optical trapping, nanophotonics, microfabrication, and finite element simulation would be a plus, but not a requirement (you will learn them here anyway!).
If you are interested in postdoc or Ph.D. positions, please email Sungkun with the following materials:

  • CV with publication list and contacts for reference letters
  • Academic transcript (for Ph.D. applicants)

We also have several projects available for Master's and Bachelor's theses. The current topics include (but are not limited to),

  • Fabrication of optical fiber interfaces for nanophotonic devices
  • Deterministic loading of isolated nano-objects into an optical tweezer
  • Trapping and control of nanoparticles with a fiber-based optical tweezer
  • Designing photonic crystal cavities for quantum optomechanics

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Sungkun!


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Sungkun Hong

Jun.-Prof. Dr.

Tenure-Track Junior Professor

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