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New Quantum Materials

Dr. Tomohiro Takayama

Novel Quantum Materials

Our research interest lies in development of novel quantum materials, particularly in transition-metal compounds. In quantum materials, entanglement of electrons takes place primarily due to Coulomb repulsion, which leads to a variety of “phases” of electrons such as solid, liquid, gaseous states. In the entangled (correlated) states, the multiple electron degrees of freedom – charge, spin and orbitals- manifest themselves explicitly and, in combination with unique lattice topology, produce novel electronic states exemplified by high-Tc superconductivity, multiferroicity and various spin-orbital ordering phenomena. Such electronic states are not only fundamentally interesting but sometimes exploited as novel functionalities.

We are exploring new quantum materials, aiming for novel electronic states such as unconventional superconductivity, exotic magnetism, non-trivial topological state of matter and novel functionalities.  Discovery of new materials displaying such exotic electronic state is most fundamental subject but a quite important seed for the research of condensed matter physics. The examples of on-going projects are following:

  1. Exploration of quantum spin liquid.
  2. Novel electronic phases produced by the interplay between electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling.
  3. Unconventional superconductivity at a critical point of competing electronic order.



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