February 17, 2020 / Stefanie Barz

Hiwi Positions available

Wanna learn about quantum computing?

Are you interested in quantum computing (QC) and would like to earn a little money, trying to find your way into IBM Quantum and Qiskit? Would you like to know, what the QC-community is up to, and lay your own foundations in QC? Then you might be right here!

We, the Barz Group, are currently looking for two motivated HiWis who would like to learn how to implement quantum algorithms on an IBM quantum computer. The implementations should be written in Qiskit, an open-source quantum computing software, which can be used to run quantum programs on a real quantum computer.

Your tasks:

  • Understand and work with IBM Quantum and the Qiskit software
  • Implement, test and analyze basic quantum algorithms
  • Document your results in the form of short reports
  • Move on to more involved algorithms


  • BSc in physics, computer science, math or engineering (ideally with some physics background)
  • First experiences in quantum computing or quantum technologies
  • First experiences in programming and algorithms

If quantum supremacy has been hunting you over the last months, and you find this announcement exciting, then give us call or send us an email!

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