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Hidenori Takagi

Prof. Dr.

Head of Institute
Institut für Funktionelle Materie und Quantentechnologien


+49 711 685 65257
+49 711 685 65271

Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 6.152


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Key Publications

H. Takagi, Y. Tokura and S. Uchida:
Superconductivity Produced by Electron-Doping in CuO 2-Layered Compounds
Physical Review Letters 62, 1197 (1989).

H. Takagi, B. Batlogg, H. L. Kao, J. Kwo, R. J. Cava, J. J. Krajewski and W. F. Peck:
Systematic Evolution of Temperature-Dependent Resistivity in La 2-xSr xCuO 4
Physical Review Letters 69, 2975-2978 (1992).

R.J.Cava, H. Takagi, B.Batlogg, H. W. Zandbergen, J. J. Krajewski, W. F .Peck, Jr., R. B.van Dover, R.J.Felder, T.Siegrist, K.Mizuhashi, J. O. Lee, H.Eisaki, S.A.Carter and S.Uchida:
Superconductivity at 23 K in Yttrium Palladium Boride Carbide
Nature 367, 146-147 (1994).

C. Urano, M. Nohara, S. Kondo, F. Sakai, H. Takagi, T. Shiraki, and T. Okubo:
LiV 2O 4 Spinel as a Heavy-Mass Fermi Liquid: Anomalous Transport and Role of Geometrical Frustration
Physical Review Letters 85, 1052-1055, (2000).

T. Hanaguri, C. Lupien, Y. Kohsaka, D. H. Lee, M. Azuma, M. Takano, H. Takagi and J. C. Davis:
A 'checkerboard' electronic crystal state in lightly hole-doped Ca 2-xNa xCuO 2Cl 2
Nature 430,1001-1005 (2004).

K. Takenaka, and H. Takagi:
Giant negative thermal expansion in Ge-doped anti-perovskite manganese nitrides
Applied Physics Letters 87 (26), 261902 (2005).

Y. Okamoto, M. Nohara, H. Aruga-Katori and H. Takagi:
Spin-Liquid State in S=1/2 Hyper-Kagome Antiferromagnet Na 4Ir 3O 8
Physical Review Letters 99, 137207 (2007).

T. Hanaguri, Y. Kohsaka, M. Ono, M. Maltseva, P. Coleman, I. Yamada, M. Azuma, M. Takano, K. Ohishi, and H. Takagi:
Coherence Factors in a High-Tc Cuprate Probed by Quasi-particle Scattering off Vortices
Science 323, 923-926 (2009).

B. J. Kim, H. Ohsumi, T. Komesu, S. Sakai, T. Morita, H. Takagi, and T. Arima:
Phase-sensitive observation of a spin-orbital Mott state in Sr 2IrO 4
Science 323, 1329-1332 (2009).

T. Hanaguri, S. Niitaka, K. Kuroki, H. Takagi:
Unconventional s-Wave Superconductivity in Fe(Se,Te)
Science 328, 474-476 (2010).

Y. Kohsaka, T. Hanaguri, M. Azuma, M. Takano, J. C. Davis, and H. Takagi:
Visualization of the emergence of the pseudogap state and the evolution to superconductivity in a lightly hole-doped Mott insulator
Nature Physics 8, 534 (2012).

S. Fujiyama, H. Ohsumi, T. Komesu, J. Matsuno, B.J. Kim, M. Takata, T. Arima, and H. Takagi:
Two-Dimensional Heisenberg Behavior of J eff = 1/2 Isospins in the Paramagnetic State of the Spin-Orbital Mott Insulator Sr 2IrO 4
Physical Review Letters 108, 247212 (2012).

Hidenori TAKAGI, born March 20, 1961 in Tokyo, is a Alexander von Humbodt-Professor at the Institute for Functional Matter and Quantum Technologies at University Stuttgart, Director and Scientific Member of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart and a Professor of Physics at the University of Tokyo. He studied Applied Physics at the University of Tokyo, where he received his PhD in 1989. After joining AT&T Bell Laboratories as a Post-Doctoral member of technical staff in 1990, he returned to the University of Tokyo, becoming an Associate Professor in 1994 and a Professor in 1999. In 2002, he was jointly appointed at RIKEN, Japan as a Chief Scientist and Group Director. In 2013, he became a Director of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. His research interests include the metal-insulator transition, superconductivity, and quantum magnetism in correlated transition metal oxides. He received the IBM science prize (1988), Nissan science prize (1994), K. H. Onnes prize (2006), Honda Frontier Award (2009), and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. In 2014 he was appointed Alexander von Humboldt-Professor.

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