Agenda Quantum Futur Meeting

Coming Up: Quantum Futur Workshop

October 10, 2019 /

October 10th and 11th

We are hosting a status seminar within the Quantum Futur programme on October 10th and 11th.

The workshop will take place at campus.guest at Campus Vaihingen, Plenumssaal 101, Universitätsstraße 34, 70569 Stuttgart

Directions: from Stuttgart main station or Stuttgart Airport take S1, S2, S3 to the stop "Universität". From there, it's a short 2-min walk to the campus.guest hotel.

Please see the detailed programme below or download it here: Agenda Quantum Futur Workshop

If you have any questions, please contact:

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart!


Thursday, October 10th

12:00                           Lunch (optional)

From 12:30                  Registration and Welcome Reception

13:30                            Stefanie Barz: Welcome

Session 1                    Chair: Stefanie Barz

13:35                           Guest speaker Tilman Pfau (U Stuttgart): Quantum Technologies based on Rydberg Atoms & The Center for Integrated Quantum Science and Technology (IQST)

14:20                           Dennis Schlippert (U Hannover): Inertial sensing using ultra-cold matter waves

14:50                           Michael Kues (U Hannover): Integrated quantum frequency combs

15:20                           Tobias Heindel (TU Berlin): Towards Quantum Communication Networks Exploiting Solid-State Quantum-Light Sources

15:50                            Coffee Break

Session 2                    Chair: Tim Bartley

16:20                           Tim Schröder (HU Berlin): Diamond Nanophotonics for On-Chip Quantum Technology

16:50                           Valerio Flavio Gili (Group of Frank Setzpfandt, U Jena): Quantum Imaging for applications in life sciences

17:20                            Guest speaker Jörg Wrachtrup (U Stuttgart): Quantum Sensing

18:00                            Break

19:00                            Dinner @ Campus.Guest

20:00                            After-Dinner Poster Session

Friday, October 11th 2019

Session 3                    Chair: Tim Schröder

9:00                             Stefanie Barz (Stuttgart): Secure Computing in Quantum Networks

9:30                             Tim Bartley (U Paderborn): Developing Integrated Quantum Optics at Cryogenic Temperatures for Quantum Communication

10:00                           Kai Müller (TU München): Modular Photonic Quantum Technologies

10:30                           Roman-Pascal Riwar (RWTH Aachen): Towards circuits exhibiting topological transport (via video)

11:00                            Coffee Break

Session 4                    Chair: Kai Müller

11:30                           Guest Speaker Helmut Fedder, Swabian Instruments

12:00                           Guest Speaker Michael Förtsch, Q.Ant

12:30                           Lars Unnebrink (VDI): BMBF Funding of Quantum Technologies

13:00                            Lunch (optional)

14:00                            Labtours (optional) – Meeting point – Hotel lobby



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