Quantum Technologies wins prize for the best elective physics course

August 6, 2022

It’s a great honour to have this effort recognised by the students taking the course. It was great to have you in the course this year!

The quantum technologies course on quantum technologies follows a novel course concept tackling the specific and diverse challenges that we face in educating people in quantum technologies:

1. Be interdisciplinary: have people from physics, electrical engineering, photonic engineering, computer science, information technologies etc participate in the class and have everyone work together

2. Tackle a challenge: focus on solving a real-world problem by working on group challenge in a diverse team

3. Learn about state-of-the-art research: discuss the latest research papers on quantum technologies

4. Get out of the classroom : visit local quantum industry and invite representatives from global quantum industry

5. Inverted classroom: provide content in advance and have in-depth discussion during the class

6. Great team effort! A big thank you to all tutors: Matthias Bayerbach, Simone d'Aurelio, Lukas Rückle, Jonas Zatsch, Jeldrik Huster! Great work!

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