3D Model of the sagnac-source of polarisation entangled photon states

New paper on arXiv: Boosted quantum teleportation

June 21, 2024 /

Quantum teleportation has proven to be fundamental for many quantum information and communication processes. The core concept can be exploited in many tasks, from the transmission of quantum states, quantum repeaters, to quantum computing. However, for linear-optical systems, the efficiency of teleportation is directly linked to the success probability of the involved Bell-state measurement. In most implementations, this is realized by linear optics with an intrinsically limited success probability of 50%. Here, we demonstrate quantum teleportation surpassing this limit. We achieve an average fidelity of the teleported states of 0.8677±0.0024 leading to an overall acceptance rate of the teleportation of 69.71±0.75%. We obtain this boosted success probability by generating ancillary photonic states that are interfered with the Bell states. Thus, our work demonstrates the boosting Bell-state measurements in quantum-technology applications and our scheme could directly be applied to e.g. quantum repeaters. 

Check out the paper here:

Simone D'Aurelio, Matthias Bayerbach, Stefanie Barz
Boosted quantum teleportation




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